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competent workforce – 1.000.000 working people within reach

The Triangle Region has the largest workforce in the western part of Denmark. Besides more than 200,000 working people in the immediate area, there are more than one million potential employees within an hour’s drive.

It is no coincidence that the Triangle Region has the largest concentration of jobs outside Copenhagen. The central location and robust infrastructure mean that it is easier to recruit competent candidates. No other place west of the Great Belt has the same access to competent employees.

A strong commuting culture

Commuting is common in the Triangle Region. Actually, the citizens in the Triangle Region commute 25% longer to get to work compared to the national average. Every day close to 90,000 people commute in and out of the Triangle Region. At the same time, the Triangle Region is one large integrated labour market where 45,000 citizens commute between the region's cities. Therefore, it is easy to find and keep employees in the Triangle Region.

education and competences

The Triangle Region has Denmark’s largest skilled workforce. It is no coincidence that there are more than 50,000 jobs within production, transport and logistics. Not just because of the good location – but also because of the strong concentration of companies. This means that it is easier to develop, attract and maintain a competent workforce.

The Triangle Region has three technical and vocational schools with a very large offering of relevant professional programmes – and together we make an effort to strengthen the enrolment at these schools.

There are six higher education institutions in the Triangle Region – the University of Southern Denmark, Fredericia College of Marine and Technical Engineering, Kolding School of Design, two university colleges and one business academy. There are around 9.000 students in total distributed on more than 65 study programmes. In addition, there are strong universities in respectively Aarhus, Odense and Esbjerg within just an hour’s drive.

the best conditions for growth

The employees at Schneider Electric in Kolding have a total of 19 different nationalities; a clear proof that shows it is possible to develop without changing location by attracting the right competencies.

Denmark's strongest collaboration

The Triangle Region has Denmark’s strongest cooperation with companies on education, attraction, recruitment, and competence development of the labour force that is necessary to maintain and strengthen growth. The collaboration goes across municipalities, job centres, educational institutions, companies, business councils, unions, employers’ organisations and other relevant parties.