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Sports Events

Facilities and accommodations

Extraordinary outdoor facilities

We have the perfect setting for outdoor sports with unique nature and terrain. A part of our area is called the Kingdom of Cycling - and with good reason. The hilly terrain and winding roads are ideal for any type of cycling. Each year we host races in The Triangle Region, both national and international championships - and very soon also Grand Départ Tour de France in 2022.

Another unique outdoor facility is Little Belt and lakes. Most disciplines within sailing and rowing have exceptional conditions in the waters near our extensive coastline. Additionally, our woodlands invite to running and MTB.

Captivating coastline

Captivating coastline

Perfect for sailing, rowing and swimming
Wonderful woodlands

Wonderful woodlands

Ideal for running, MTB and orienteering

Arenas and fields

  • Sydbank Park, Haderslev (10,000 people)
  • Monjasa Park, Fredericia (6,000 people)
  • Kolding Stadium (10,000 people)

Accommodations in The Triangle Region

No matter your needs in terms of size, star rating or location we have a range of accommodations suitable for sports events in our area. In total, you find more than 5,000 rooms available in 2-5 star accommodations, i.e. hotels, hostels, holiday villages etc. If you have any specific inquiries about accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Selected accommodations

Our 4 and 5-star accommodations are mainly larger national and international hotel chains with superior service and facilities.

Our 3-star accommodations are local hotels, hostels and inns with cosy and comfortable surroundings, as well as holiday villages with facilities suitable for larger groups, that wish to live close to each other.