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Sports Events

Welcome to a world-class event destination

Let us tell you why...

When it comes to sports events, we are just as passionate as the fans and just as dedicated as the athletes. This is our drive and the basis of our high ambitions.

The past has given us valuable experiences and powerful tools to attract and host the sports events of the future. Our region already has a strong track record of hosting memorable sports events. Both national and international events. World, European and Nordic championships. Mainstream sports as well as niche sports. Moreover, we have developed our own sports talents and invested in modern high-quality indoor and outdoor facilities. If you add all this to our already unique location in the centre of Denmark, you have a strong foundation for creating successful sports events in the future.

Succes through collaboration

We work from a modern and inclusive mindset with a focus on strong partnerships and collaborations. We create links between the local business community, the host cities and sports federations to ensure the best and most successful events that benefit everyone involved.

Sustainability is key

We have a clear ambition of creating sustainable sports events with a long-lasting effect. This means that we optimize the entire value chain from supplier collaboration to event implementation for the benefit of our surroundings. However, sustainability is more than environmental challenges; for us, it is a multidimensional focus. It is also about the greater impact major sports events can have on society. On the general physical and mental health of society, on social inclusion or the financial impact on the sport, federations, amateur associations and host cities. Just to mention a few of our focus areas.

We minimize food waste

We have partnered up with Too Good To Go, a Danish food waste actor, to expand our sustainable focus to a new area within sports events. Read more about our first collaboration and our strategic partnership.